Chatbot Tools has super simple chatbot marketing automation tools for marketeers.

Are you looking for a Facebook Messenger new comment to messenger feature?

Do you want to use a chatbot to deliver coupons?

Do you want to combine gamification with chatbots?

Advantages Chatbots

Always available
Reduce workload - scalability
Improve customer experience
better customer satisfaction
Integrates perfectly
Add coupons to it

Why a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

Facebook Messenger ads are everywhere right now.
They’re the most PERSONAL ad type on the market.

Think about it—this is what makes Facebook Messenger marketing so powerful. It taps into a channel that 1+ billion people are already using… and also facilitates communication in a way that people now expect.

As messenger becomes a more and more common communication channel for companies, the brands that utilize messenger to communicate with their prospects and customers will win.

Why Chatbot Tools?

Chatbottools provides – even without super-advanced AI chatbot solutions –  effective and result-driven chatbots to implement on your (WordPress) – website, Facebook Messenger. We mainly work with user-friendly automation plugins that will make your life easier without a doubt. 

Explain your needs, and we deliver a perfectly tailored chatbot within a few days. 

Types of chatbots

Website chatbot

By implementing a chatbot onto your website, you ensure your page of a permanent point of contact. That 24/7 reachability is something clients expect nowadays. Furthermore, it’s perfect for reducing workload and improving customer satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for?

WordPress chatbot

Implementing a chatbot onto your WordPress website is easy. We create a tailored chatbot for you. You have to install the plug-in and add the chatbot code to the designated website. Experience yourself how chatbots revolutionize your traditional communication efforts.

Facebook chatbot

I bet, nowadays almost every business is present on Facebook and Messenger. That’s great. But what if you aren’t fulfilling half of your potential?

A facebook chatbot shouldn’t be overlooked in the communication clients expect nowadays. Provide 24/7 automated answers on the most common questions of your clients. 

WhatsApp chatbot

WhatsApp business is extremely accessible for customer contact. So why shouldn’t you automate it? 

Fast replies are necessary in order to stay valuable as a communication channel. If clients have to wait too long for an answer, you’ll simply lose them. 

 That’s why we’re here to help. We create a tailored chatbot for you within a couple of days. Let’s improve your customer satisfaction!

Have Any Questions?

Reach out to us for any help, questions or information concerning Chatbottools.

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